Outsourcing lets you

get a head start on urgent requirements and projects

Outsourcing lets you

save on capital that could be otherwise allotted for income-generating initiatives

Outsourcing lets you

access highly qualified experts

We Can Solve Your Problems

Do you want to grow your business, but your high payroll expense and lack of quality control is slowing you down?

Level5Now can help achieve your goals, while reducing your payroll significantly and increase the overall quality and the ROI of your company. We provide a full range of outsourcing services with tailored processes to suit your needs.


Data Safety First

We leave no stone unturned to protect your data! Your company’s data will be processed by fully trained professional staff following Privacy Laws and Regulations.

Some Industries We Serve

Banking and Finance

Reduce overall cost of operation

Allows company to focus on their core competencies

No need for in-house staff for non essential processes

Insurance Companies

Cost efficient

Perfect for outsourcing Claims, Handling and Underwriting department.

Overcomes economic uncertainties.

Health Care

Gives more time to patients

No need for redundant task and administrative duties

Better patient experience

Graphic Design

Wider spectrum of graphic ideas

Provides many different outlooks

International graphic designers

Website Outsourcing

Lower costs

No need for in-house development

Save time

Logistics Outsourcing

Operate around the clock 24/7

Helps increase business productivity

Takes cares of all back-office work

Customer Support

Multi-channel contact centers

Builds close relationship with multiple ways of communication

Safe and secure


Grow Your Business

As business owners, we may sometimes feel that we need to dig our fingers into every detail and micromanage every single process that involves our business. What we fail to realize is that we really can’t do everything. If we truly want to make our business grow, we need to find people who can mind the smaller but equally as important tasks so we can focus on the core business functions that will lead to better chances of an ROI.


Outsourcing lets you

get a head start on urgent requirements and projects.

Outsourcing will make it easier for you to start working on a project immediately. You can already get the ball rolling, instead of recruiting someone who might need another two weeks or even a month to join your team.


Outsourcing lets you

save on capital that could be otherwise allotted for income-generating initiatives.

Outsourcing usually entails flexible arrangements that will allow you to save on recruitment and human resources budget. The money that you save could be allotted for other business development related activities such as product development, marketing, and even training core staff.


Outsourcing lets you

access highly qualified experts.

Outsourcing will allow you to utilize the expertise of people outside your organization. For instance, outsourcing your website development to experienced designers and developers will help ensure that you will soon have a site that will attract customers. Outsourcing your accounting to an experienced CPA will ensure that your financial statements are in order.

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